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The Mires, Wetton Print E-mail

Work on restoring one of 'The Mires' in Wetton by DPC members in 2010. (Click on the thumbnails to see the full sized images.) 

The Mires Gallery
MGM Thumb
After the first work session the well is uncovered - July 2010
MGM Thumb
Rebuilding the side wall - August 2010
MGM Thumb
After more work - July 2010
MGM Thumb
Side view - September 2010
MGM Thumb
Getting ready to start work - July 2010
MGM Thumb
After the restoration of the well itself - August 2010
MGM Thumb
Almost finished - September 2010
MGM Thumb
November 2010 - The well after pumping operations. Two new steps have been revealed and a back wall.
MGM Thumb
Rebuilding the back wall - August 2010
MGM Thumb
Some steps have been uncovered - July 2010
MGM Thumb
November 2010 - Pumping the water out of the well to remove any leaves that are in it
MGM Thumb
November 2010 - After recent rain the well is full of water, but also contains lots of fallen leaves


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